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Flint knapping with Dr Rob Young
A brilliant start to our activity programme for 2018. Over 20 Altogether Archaeology members braved a raw January morning to head out to Harehope Quarry in Weardale for a flint-knapping workshop led by our good friend Dr Rob Young. We started off in the warmth of the Harehope classroom where Rob introduced us to the materials used by our prehistoric ancestors to make tools and the techniques employed in their manufacture. Rob brought along a collection of stone tools for us to handle so that we could not only experience the feel of these objects but also examine in detail how tools developed over the millennia.

After a quick refreshment break we went outdoors into the quarry to try our hands at bashing some flint. Great fun but not as easy as it looks when done by an expert! I think it is safe to say that no polished axes emerged from our efforts but we came away with a deeper appreciation of the skills involved in stone age technology and greater knowledge of what the study of lithics can bring to archaeology.

This was the first experimental archaeology session we have organised and, judging by the response from participants, it certainly will not be the last. Our activity programme for the rest of the year is now in place and full details will be published shortly so please keep an eye on our Activities page. We hope to see you out with us in 2018.
Rob demonstrates the technique No Sue, its not scuba diving
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Neanderthal discoid axe Here is one I made earlier
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