Altogether Archaeology Honorary President

Stewart Ainsworth

  • Cotherstone Walk led by Harriet Sams - September 2018
  • Holwick 2018 - Finds recording - Drawing by Sheila Newton
  • Holwick 2018 - Finds washing at Mickleton
  • Holwick 2018 - Finds washing at Mickleton
  • Holwick 2018 - Finds washing at Mickleton
  • Holwick 2017 selected finds
  • Holwick 2018 - Day 1 Trench 3 and 4
  • Holwick 2018 - End of day evaluation
  • Holwick 2018 - Trench 5
  • Holwick 2017 - plans
  • Holwick 2017 selected finds
  • Holwick 2017: Well Head Settlement Excavation led by Paul, Martin, Tony and Stephen
  • Flint Knapping with Rob Young & February AA talk with Paul Frodsham and David Petts
  • August 2016 Hexham Fell 'Lost Roman Road' Excavation led by Paul, Martin and Greg
  • June 2016 Holwick Walk led by Tom Gledhill
  • Epiacum Molehill Survey Finds: Beads May 2016
  • Frosterley Chapel
  • Altogether Archaeologists
  • Long Meg and her Daughters

Welcome to Altogether Archaeology

Tony Metcalfe

The aim of the group is to promote awareness of the archaeological heritage of the North Pennines and the surrounding area; by the involvement of its members of all ages; in archaeological fieldwork and research. We will provide opportunities for members to extend their knowledge of archaeological methods and practice by research, fieldwork and training.

We will be working with professional archaeologists and other partners to develop a fuller understanding of the rich and diverse heritage of the area in which we live and work.

No previous experience is required as training will be given. Archaeological fieldwork is a marvelous way to exercise and meet like minded folk. Our membership ranges far and wide with most members living from North Yorkshire to Northumbria and Cumbria to the east coast. I hope to see you soon.
    [Approximate operational area map]
Holwick Well Head Excavation Site
In 2017 features numbered with 7, 9 & 11 (below) were excavated. In 2018 features 3, 4 and a third site about 300m to the west were excavated.
In 2019 our final year at Well Head, the most significant areas appear to be 8 & 10.
Holwick Photogrammetry
Click here to view the 3D model
Note: 2018 Trench 3 'Cruck House' below is feature 4 in the Well Head site view above.

Holwick Well Head Settlement Trench 3 Day 15 by Altogether Archaeology on Sketchfab
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