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Step 1 is to submit the completed form below, after which the AA bank account details will be displayed with a print option; so that you can successfully (Step 2) make your online Bank Transfer payment to complete the process. Thank you.

Membership Fees: Individual  £25pa        Joint £35pa        Student £15pa 
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Email is our primary means of communication with members about forthcoming digs, surveys, walks and other events. Occasionally we may also wish to contact you by post or by telephone. Please indicate by editing the three 'Yes/No' consent boxes which methods of contact you are happy for us to use [Email / Post / Telephone].

If you prefer us not to contact you by email we shall be unable to update you about forthcoming events and you will need to regularly check the AA website for details.
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The required Bank Transfer information will be displayed as soon as the completed form has been submitted.
On submission your application will be received by the Membership Secretary.
Your membership will commence as soon as the Treasurer receives your membership fee.
If for any reason the form is accidentally submitted before you completed it, then just resend the completed form as soon as possible, it shouldn't be a problem.

Privacy: By completing and submitting this form you are confirming that you are consenting to Altogether Archaeology (AA) holding and processing your data. You can find out how we use your data by reading the Privacy Statement which is available here.