Activity Dates & Maps

Number of activity dates on file = 4. Non-members are welcome - but please read the notes at the bottom of the page...
 01-07-2023 to 23-07-2023 9.30 am - 4.00 pm Plover Hall, Gilmonby near Bowes Maps will be sent to participants. We assemble at 9.00 am. Fieldwork and Excavation of a Bronze Age settlement  Beverley Still will be the lead archaeologist continuing her research of this site. Dates from previous work show the site has been used from early Bronze Age. Bookings now being taken
 24-08-2023 18.00 - 21.00 Mickleton Village Hall Keith Westcott - Metal Detecting-The random searching for casual losses. Keith Westcott who has made detecting and archaeology discoveries of national importance, reflects on his time over the last six years and looks to the future, funded by Historic Eng Our buried portable heritage is a fast-depleting resource which if not recorded and valued for its historical significance, locks into our future a lost opportunity to better understand the past… once it’s gone, it’s gone.
 12-08-2023 to 03-09-2023 9.30 am - 4.00 pm Gueswick Hills near Cotherstone, Teesdale Maps and details will be given to participants. We assemble at 9.00 am Fieldwork and Excavation of an Iron Age/Romano-British settlement We will continue excavation of this multi-period site to hopefully discover evidence of where the residents lived and worked.  Bookings now being taken
 09-12-2023 11.00 - 15.00 Town Hall St Johns Chapel Postcode: DL131QF Christmas Do Talks, Quiz etc. Bring your packed lunch. Hot drinks available all day.

Please Note:
1) All events in the programme are free to members of Altogether Archaeology unless otherwise stated. For insurance reasons you must be a member to excavate, otherwise non-members are welcome to join us at all other events, subject to the availability of places. Please check in advance.  We ask non-members to make a voluntary donation using this link: Suggested amount per person = talks £3; walks & workshops £5.
2) Dogs - We regret that dogs are not permitted on any of our walks. Some walks cross private land (with the owner’s permission) and on access land we often need to leave public footpaths in order to visit archaeological sites.

Venue Location Maps

Doe Park (Gueswick Hills) Doe Park on Google
Bowes and Gilmonby Village Hall Bowes-View on Google
Eastgate Village Hall Eastgate-View on Google
Holwick Excavation Holwick-View on Google
Marwood Social Centre   (Village Hall) Marwood-View on Google
Mickleton Village Hall Mickleton-View on Google
Middleton - in - Teesdale Village Hall Gas Lane  -   (Immediately passed the Primary School) Middleton-in-T-View on Google
St John's Chapel Town Hall St John's Chapel on Google
Whitley Chapel Parish Hall Whitley-View on Google