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Our New Research Framework
Over the last six months we have been working hard to produce our first research framework as an independent community archaeology group. We will shortly be publishing this in three separate documents.
1. A resource assessment which describes what is currently known about the archaeology of the North Pennines
2. A research agenda which identifies where significant gaps lie in our current knowledge
3. The Altogether Archaeology Research Strategy which sets out what we as group are planning to do to address some of these gaps.

Having undertaking consultation with our members we have decide to focus much of our fieldwork for the next few years on exploring the early medieval period in the North Pennines.

Our Archaeological Adviser, Paul Frodsham, will be presenting the new Research Framework immediately following our AGM on Saturday March 18th. Please come along and hear all about it.Watch out for further news as our detailed plans emerge over the next few months.
A new Altogether Archaeology dig starts on site

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