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Our new research framework
At its AGM on Saturday 18th March 2017 Altogether Archaeology launched the North Pennines Archaeological Research Framework. The framework has been written in three parts, each of which is presented as a separate document.

Part 1. Resource Assessment - This is an overview of what we already know about the archaeology of the North Pennines and forms the baseline for the rest of the framework.

Part 2. Research Agenda- This part identifies where there are significant gaps in current knowledge and lists a number of key questions that could be answered through new archaeological research.

Part 3. Altogether Archaeology Research Strategy - This document sets out a range of potential project themes and a set of recommendations which will help to guide Altogether Archaeology’s research plans over the next few years.

The Research Framework was written for Altogether Archaeology by professional archaeologist Paul Frodsham. Paul, who is also AA’s Archaeology Adviser, has worked extensively across the North Pennines over the past 10 years and is uniquely well-placed to provide this overview of the archaeology of the area.

The AA Management Committee commissioned this work with financial assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund which awarded us a start-up grant to help us build our capability as a community archaeology group as we made the transition from being a professionally-directed project to an independent volunteer-led organisation. We are extremely grateful to HLF for providing us with the means to develop this robust and evidence-based framework for our future fieldwork and research. The Research Framework stresses the need for AA to work in partnership with others, including academic institutions and other local groups; the AA Committee welcomes suggestions from potential partners regarding possible partnership projects.

Parts 2 and 3 of the Framework are available now as downloads from the website (please go to the Reports page).

Part 1. Resource Assessment currently is being prepared as a consultation draft and will be available on the website shortly.
Paul with copies of the Framework documents
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AA Management Committee at the AGM
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