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Holwick Fieldwork (May 2017)
The Holwick Fieldwork starts on Sunday 14th May until Saturday 20th May (not Tuesday 16th). Come and join us to learn how to do GPS survey and traditional survey techniques. When the survey is completed we will identify potential sites for excavation later in the year. There will also be an opportunity to walk around some of the other archaeological sites in the area.

Please contact Tony Metcalfe to book your place

We will be undertaking a detailed survey of the Well Head settlement. This was the most complex settlement identified during Altogether Archaeology's 2011 survey of 2.35 square km of in-bye lands surrounding the village of Holwick in Teesdale. The settlement appears to be a deserted medieval hamlet located 250m south east of the present day village.

This is a welcome return to Holwick for AA as it gives us the opportunity to study in further detail an apparently well-preserved medieval site. We are grateful to the landowner and tenant farmer who have kindly granted us access to the site, and to the Strathmore Arms for hospitality and support.
Part of the field to be surveyed at Holwick This could be very interesting
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Holwick Survey (Upper Teesdale) 2011 Report - can be downloaded from our Reports page
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