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Has anybody seen our missing centuries? 
In the North Pennines we have evidence of Roman occupation, and then a few hundred years later we can see the evidence of settlement in the later medieval period. What we don't know much about is what happened in between. Altogether Archaeology is hoping to secure funding to explore these ‘missing centuries’ in our area, and we'd like your feedback to help support our plans.

We are hoping to have a series of surveys and digs to look for signs of early medieval settlement. In other words, the period we will be concentrating on is, roughly speaking, the 5th to the 10th centuries AD. At present we are considering possible sites in Upper Weardale, Upper Teesdale, Alston Moor and the Eden Valley. We're also planning other activities, such as a place names project and surveys of early churches which have pre-conquest features, to run alongside the archaeological fieldwork and help us identify potential hotspots of early medieval activity. We are running a short online survey to find out how many people are interested in learning more about this period. There is no commitment to sign up, but we'd like to hear what sort of activities you'd be interested in, whether you are a dedicated digger or an armchair archaeologist. The survey is very short and should only take a minute or so to complete. If you’d like to be kept informed, please leave us your email address at the end.

To reach our survey please click on the link below

Altogether Archaeology Survey

The responses we receive will be enormously useful to us in developing our plans for the project. We hope you can help us.
What happened after the Romans left? Early churches in the North Pennines can help us understand settlement patterns
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The study of place names can assist the archaeologist Early medieval finds in the North Pennines are rare
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