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Holwick Finds Processing, 3rd September 2019
Our dig at Howick, Upper Teesdale, in May produced a large quantity of small finds - mainly pottery fragments, glass, bone and metal. Yesterday (3rd September) we began the painstaking process of cleaning all of this material in preparation for cataloguing and recording. This is quite an undertaking but with the enthusiastic help of 26 volunteers who came to our first session at Mickleton Village Hall we made an excellent start. As you can see from the photographs we managed to clean a large quantity of finds but there is still more to do.

We are organising a second session at Mickleton on Friday 21st September (see the Activities page of the website for more details) when we hope to finish the job. Our thanks go to all our volunteers yesterday and everyone who has booked to attend the next session. You are all amazing people and we couldn’t do any of this without you. Well done team!

We will be announcing a date for the public meeting at which we will be discussing the results of this year’s excavations at Holwick soon.
The team swings into action Hive of activity on the top table
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Great brushing skills on display Just some of the day's completed work
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