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Well Head Deserted Settlement 2018 Excavation Blog
Day 9 of the excavation at the Well Head Settlement, Holwick, Teesdale, UK
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Trench 5 with Elaine, Stephen and Alan. Extension to reveal the west wall of Trench 3.
Image top left shows Alan, Elaine and Stephen who put a full shift in today in Trench 5.

Image Top right shows a small extension westwards in Trench 3 to fix the position of the west wall. A tremendous amount of finds came out of such a small area. All sides of the trench had a lot of trowelling done in various areas particularly in the south wall drainage system.

Image bottom left is the end of day trench discussion of Trench 3 lead by Paul Frodsham.

Tomorrow there will be another round of photogrammetry so you will be able to compare the results in the next day or two with those taken on either Day 4 for Trench 3, or Day 5 for Trenches 4 & 5.

Below are 3 links so you can see the three 3D models in SketchFab. Image bottom right shows the basic instructions for navigating the 3D models.

Trench 3 (Day 4) Photogrammetry

Trench 4 (Day 5) Photogrammetry

Trench 5 (Day 5) Photogrammetry

Trench 3 end of day discussion.  
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