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Well Head Deserted Settlement 2018 Excavation Blog
Day 15 of the excavation at the Well Head Settlement, Holwick, Teesdale, UK
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New features being uncovered on the last day of the excavation for Trench 3. Last little bit of deturfing proving that the south and west walls meet where we expected them to.
Image top left shows the last few hours of the excavation in Trench 3. Centre left: there has appeared a rainwater drainage system visible on the diagonal. You can see where the water exits from under the paved floor. In the very centre of the image you can see that after removing the flagstones an second earlier flagged floor is present. It looks as though there are at least 3 floors from different periods present.

Image top right reveals the west wall joining the south wall.

Image bottom left - although we only have Trench 3 open still, we are still getting visitors to the site. Altogether Archaeology always welcomes visitors and shown around whatever site we are investigating. It is very rewarding to know that many folk that live locally have shown interest in what we are finding.

Bottom right shows Tench 5 having been backfilled today. Trench 4 was backfilled yesterday. Guess what happens to trench 3 tomorrow!

As long as there are no technical hiccups then a Day 15 part 2 may be published later this evening.

Altogether Archaeology community archaeologists talking about the site to a visitor this afternoon.   Trench 5 backfilled.
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