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Well Head Deserted Settlement 2018 Excavation Blog
Daily excavation summary: May 12th to May 27th 2018.
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Site F12: one of the building foundation candidates for the 2018 excavation
located beside a cairn and partially scooped into the bank.
Site F9: that was partially excavated towards the end of the 2017 excavation as Trench 1a.
If you are interested in following this excavation on-line, you can read the regular updates of this blog. A link will be place on the Home page.
To find out more about this site read the interim report for the 2017 excavation which includes the project design for the 2018 dig. It is available as a pdf document download either from the website Reports page, or by clicking this link. Our thanks go to Northern Heartlands who have helped to sponsor this excavation.
Next update will be when the excavation starts.

Site F4: an intriquing circular structure that can partially be seen in the field.
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