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Well Head Deserted Settlement 2018 Excavation Blog
Day 3 of the excavation at the Well Head Settlement, Holwick, Teesdale, UK
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Trench 3 western end (foreground) Trench 3 eastern end
Day 3 was another perfect day as long as you had loads of sunscreen and water to drink!
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Trench 3 is progressing well. At the east end (image above right) it has all been deturfed and the area cleaned. There are alot of demolition stones from when the site was robbed for building stone. After a photogrammetric record has been taken tomorrow, selected stones will be removed. The western end of the trench is not full width yet. The grass strip between the trench and the old boundary wall is still covering the south-west corner.

Trench 4 (bottom left image) is still causing plenty of discussion. More work planned tomorrow.

Trench 5 Is gradually revealing a random stone floor surface with some cobbled areas. The north wall has been cleaned, and we have just started to extend the north wall to begin to look at the east end. There is now some uncertainty on whether it is a twin celled house platform. Image below right shows starting to process of investigating what was there.
Trench 4   Trench 5
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