Altogether Archaeology Membership
There are three categories of membership: Joint: £35pa (same address), Single: £25pa, and Student: £15pa.
The membership year is from April 1st to March 31st.
New members can join AA and pay the membership fee by post or via the internet.
New Members: New Members: Please allow at least 21 days to received an email confirming your membership. Please email if you do not receive the email as we may have an incorrect email address for you. You can start attending Altogether Archaeology functions immediately on application.
  By Internet Banking
Use this link to complete an on-line membership form, then send the membership fee by on-line direct bank transfer. All the required Internet Banking Information is displayed and can be printed. 
  By Post
Download this form printing the two pages on separate A4 sheets, then:
   - either post the completed application form to the membership secretary with a cheque,
   - or post the completed application form to the membership secretary and post the completed Standing Order form to your bank. (You may be able to create the Standing Order by on-line banking).
All the required information is on the form.   If you join during the period January to March in any year, your first year’s membership runs until March 31st in the following year. 
Membership Renewals: Membership renewals should be received each year during the month of April.
Click here to renew your existing membership.

Membership Entitlement:
To a vote at General meetings
AA Newsletter
Advance notification of opportunities to participate in archaeological field work
Entitlement to participate in Altogether Archaeology fieldwork projects.
Free admission to a range of members’ events.
(N.B. for some special events we may need to make a charge in order to cover exceptional costs, but in all such cases members will pay a reduced rate)