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Home Website Welcome page including main menu bar and a rolling series of images of passed Altogether Archaeology (AA) activities, AA's history and some activity news leads into other pages.
News Always worth keeping an eye on the News page which lists the latest three news items and a link to view the archived stories.
Activities A list of organised events for AA members ranging from talks and walks to field work activities including archaeological surveying and excavations. Many are available to non-members for a small fee.
Membership The membership page shows how you can join AA. It includes the types of membership and all the methods you can use to pay or renew your AA membership.
The membership pages also includes a link which you can use to make a donation to AA either by name of anonymously.
Projects The Projects page if used to make frequent reports (often daily) on current field work activities. Take a look at what has been recorded there. View the available projects.
Reports The Reports page is where you can find the formal recorded information of previous AA fieldwork projects. This includes AA reports before AA became an independent community archaeology group, when it was a sub-group of the North Pennine AONB.
QGIS-LIDAR The QGIS-LIDAR page describes how you can obtain a copy of a pdf document which describes the basic archaeology use of QGIS freeware to process the UK government freely available lidar data, as well as GPS data. The document describes in detail the steps to obtain the free software for both Lidar and Ordnance Survey Open Data maps within the UK (and other Lidar source in other countries) and to process that UK data to obtain publication standard maps.
How to... This webpage. See the How to A-Z 0-9 section below for specific information on or via this website.
Contact Use this page to contact the AA chairman who will answer any queries.
Links Website links
More... The More... page is a secondary menu page where you can access the pages list below:
LIDAR This page contains a listing of downloadable lidar images of the North Pennines.
3D Where to view AA's 3D models.
Newsletters Read the latest Newsletter here.
Gallery Images from some of AA's activities.
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Rain Forecast(+) Rain RADAR  forecast for the North Pennine region.
OS Place Names Keyword search of more than 561,000 records in the north of the UK covered by OS map grids: SD, SE, NY, NZ, NT, and NU.
AA Q&A This webpage
Editors AA editors access page to add content.

How to A-Z 0-9
Donate to AA Voluntary donation to Altogether Archaeology. Donations can be made anonymously or acknowledged. Click the green link for more information.
G.I.S. (GIS) Graphical Information Systems are an essential tool used in processing archaeological fieldwork and associated data that has been collated using a common mapping coordinate system. In the UK the British National Grid (BNG) is used. Using a GIS requires a degree of information technology competence which may be daunting to some. It generally requires a degree of understanding about GPS data and how it is processed too (See GPS). The third factor in using GIS software are the background maps used. Often a large scale map is required and in the UK the OS Open Data (free) maps tend to lack detail. For community archaeology groups like AA, professional licenses for OS MasterMap are too expensive. Click the green link for more information.
GPS GPS use is outlined for consumer handheld and professional instruments.
Links 100+ Links have been added to the website which are batched together under appropriate headings. The majority do not need any further comment. Here are a few tips:
1) Looking for an old UK map try this link: Lots of digitised maps available at NLS
2) Yorkshire Archaeological Aerial Mapping: Offers free drone surveys to community groups
3) Free file transfer up to 2GB with no account or registration required
Lidar There are two links: QGIS-LIDAR on the Main menu and LIDAR on the More... menu
 1) QGIS-LIDAR - This link is used if you want to learn how to used QGIS and how to process Lidar data at the same time. Read the G.I.S. (GIS) link (above) and it's associated webpage first.
2) LIDAR - The lidar data for the North Pennines has been processed and made available as a downloadable zip files. Links to all of the downloads are on this page.
3D In the last few years 3D software has been available that can process Lidar data and archaeological site photographs into 3D models (photogrammetry). See the December 2018 Newsletter. Altogether Archaeology publish their models on the Sketchfab website. They are best viewed on a large screen using a mouse to control the model using these controls: Drag Left click to Rotate, Drag Right click to Re-Centre, Wheel to Zoom in and out.